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How to Get Your Family Interested in Golfing

If you love grabbing your clubs and hitting the links, you probably want to spend as much time on the course as possible. This can become a conflict of interest if your family doesn't care about golf. However, if you let them know just why it's such a great game, you can become a golf loving family. You need to learn a bit more about the joys of golfing so you can bring your family along for the ride.

1. Find Your Favorite Golfers to Root For

With legends like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus alone, you've got years of film to break down and learn from. This doesn't even include the countless other high-level golfers in the pros and competing in colleges and high schools all around the world. Because of this, you and family are never lacking for inspiration when it comes to breaking down the nuance of the game. When your family learns the basics of the game, the skill involved, and why it's such a mental battle, they'll likely fall in love with it just like you did. From there, they'll feel compelled to watch every golf event and even subscribe to premium golfing content on TV and the web. This gives you and your family the chance to make golfing a big part of your entertainment and the ability to learn the game. By having some favorites to watch, it makes it easier for your household to embrace the game.

2. Take Golfing Classes Together

In order to learn the ins and outs of golf, one of the best things you can do is learn from a pro. Why not do it as a family? If you learn together, you'll be able to push each other and have a common goal. Golf lessons can cost between $50 and $90 per hour for each person. Think about the possibilities. This can start as a hobby and can turn into everyone in the house getting up a couple of hours early to get some practice in before work and school. Having something to get better at will shape your mindset and the way you go about your everyday lives.

3. Join Tournaments as a Family

When you have a goal that you're shooting for, it informs the way you practice. Sign the family up for a tournament a few months from now, and then work toward becoming the best player you can in order to compete. This will be a fun way to spend a weekend and will help all of you push each other to become the best. From here, you can root each other on during the tournament, and come away with a sense of pride whether one of you wins or not.

4. Make it a Family Outing That Lets You Bond

Anytime that you get together to go golfing, it's a time that you cut out the rest of the world and spend time with each other. The more you are able to bond as a family, the better you'll show up in other areas of your life. You'll be able to fortify your household and open lines of communication that weren't there before.

5. Strive to Get Better Together

The adage of golf is that it's easy to learn, yet impossible to master. The rules are fairly straightforward, and when you strip away the nuance and detail, it's a simple game -- hit the ball in the hole with the club. However, this is incredibly hard to do consistently at a high level, and there is so much skill, focus and concentration involved. Because of this, becoming a better golfer is a lifelong pursuit. The beauty is that you can play golf for the rest of your life. Golfing is very much a mental game, which means that you'll be sharpening your focus and building your cognitive function by playing it. Your kids will be better able to perform at school, and you'll start setting and accomplishing goals in your business life.

6. Buy Shiny New Things Regularly

Let's face it -- who doesn't like getting new things? When embracing golf as a hobby, you will naturally want to start buying new toys and gear to go with it. Getting new golf clubs for Christmas will be something everyone looks forward to. Perhaps you'll sign up for a video course that helps you learn some tips and tricks, or want some fresh apparel that you can show off the next time you play. Buying these things will incentivize everyone to keep getting better at their game.

7. Keep it Fun

Finally, it's important that you make fun the absolute priority. Simply put, if it's not fun, you and your family won't want to play on a regular basis. When there are friendly competitions and plenty of reasons to enjoy going out and playing, it's easier to work hard to get better at your game. Keep things light so that you and your family members truly love golf.

The Family That Golfs Together...

Golfing takes patience and can be boring to people not in the know. However, it can be a great way to bring your family together when you teach them. If you follow these seven tips, you'll have a better idea of why golf is a great game, and how you can get your family involved. Do everything you can to introduce them to this wonderful game. To schedule golf lessons or book tee times, contact us today.

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