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    Junior Golf Lessons

Junior and Beginner Golf Lessons at Southern Hills Plantation Club

At Southern Hills, we’re dedicated to one thing only: helping our members discover endless opportunities for enjoying themselves in all aspects of golf. That includes playing the sport to the best of their abilities, realizing personal goals, and seeking fulfillment from a sport we all love.

To that end, we offer golf lessons for juniors and beginners.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Golfers

There’s nothing more inspiring than watching a beloved sport take hold in someone new at the game, watching a passion develop. Whether it’s a junior member or a beginner golfer of any age, we welcome all to try the sport that’s captured the hearts and minds of generations of players.

Golf Instruction at Southern Hills

While golf instruction is available at all levels at Southern Hills Plantation Club, our pro trainers are also geared towards helping newcomers develop the right habits for the game.

Every player has already developed golf habits, whether they realize it or not. The special beauty of a new player is that those habits are not yet ingrained. The potential to develop a masterly style is truly inspiring!

Inspiring Trainers, an Inspiring Course

The 18-hole Pete Dye Signature Golf Course at Southern Hills Plantation Club is truly a masterpiece of design. Training on a world-class course is a treasured opportunity for those who appreciate the beauty, the challenge, and the joy of playing on a well-designed course.

Even beginners will know they’re part of something special here! It’s easy to see the finesse with which the landscaping works around the contours of the rolling hills, even if you’ve never played the game before.

Perfect Setting, Great Trainers, and Incredible Surroundings

Learning something new requires a great learning environment. The course at Southern Hills Plantation Club, combined with the outstanding golf trainers and the incredible amenities and facilities our Members enjoy, make for the perfect environment for learning golf.

We invite Juniors and beginners to discover what golfing can be. Call us today at 352.277.5000 to learn about membership and its perks.

Your Membership Awaits